What to stream in April on Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and more

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May is here and with it an exciting array of TV shows and movies on streaming platforms. In this one-stop-shop, we tell you what to stream monthly across Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and other major streaming services. So without further ado, here are 15 streaming titles that you can catch in May on your binging spree.

What to stream this month?

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list every month as new TV shows and movies make it to streaming services.

Selena: The Series season 2

Where: Netflix
Release date: May 4

The second part of Selena: The Series returns to Netflix On May 4. The new installment will show the Latin singer on the brink of stardom, ready to go solo and expand her business while juggling time between family and a new husband. The nine-episode season will focus on Selena’s growing popularity, but we’ll also get to witness her unfortunate death at the hands of her former manager Yolanda Saldívar.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Where: Disney Plus
Release date: May 4

Disney Plus’ Star Wars Day specials will include the release of Star Wars: The Bad Batch on May the fourth. The animated series will follow the experimental clones of the Bad Batch, who each have an exceptional skill that makes them extraordinary soldiers. You’ll see them finding their way through a rapidly changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone War. The series will debut with a 70-minute premiere on May 4, followed by new episodes every Friday starting on May 7.


Where: Netflix
Release date: May 7

This new Netflix original movie promises a dark tale based on the story of Steve Harmon (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), a seventeen-year-old film student from Harlem attending an elite high school, whose world comes crashing down when he’s charged with murder. The film will follow the complex legal battle that could leave him spending the rest of his life in prison.

Jupiter’s Legacy

Where: Netflix
Release date: May 7

Jupiter’s Legacy is Netflix’s much-awaited superhero series based on graphic novels by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. The eight-episode-long first season casts an old and bearded John Duhamel as the leader of a superhero team that’s protected the world for 90 years. It’s time now for them to hang up their boots and pass on their responsibility to their super children. Are the teens ready to inherit the legacy? Watch the action-packed show on Netflix starting May 7.

Castlevania season 4

Where: Netflix
Release date: May 13

Netflix is releasing the final season of its hugely popular animated series — Castlevania — this May. Season 4 will go back to the beginning and promises a grand ending. Dracula’s influence is growing as Belmont and Sypha investigate plans to resurrect the notorious vampire. Isaac and Hector churn up an army of creatures and Alucard struggles to embrace his humanity.

Love, Death & Robots season 2

Where: Netflix
Release date: May 14

Netflix is dropping a new season of its animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots this May. The Emmy Award-winning sci-fi show first hit the platform in 2019 and is now getting a new set of stories ranging from tales of robots gone wild, naked giants, Christmas demons, space whales, and a whole lot more.

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The Woman In The Window

Where: Netflix
Release date: May 14

This new Amy Adams thriller will see the starlet suffering from severe Agoraphobia. Julianne Moore plays her neighbor from across the road who meets her occasionally to keep her company in her lonely existence. One fateful night, the shut-in witnesses her only friend and visitor getting murdered, and things get murky when no one seems to believe her. The film also stars Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and other well-known actors.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Where: HBO Max
Release date: May 14

Coming to HBO Max this May, those Who Wish Me Dead is a thriller directed by Taylor Sheridan starring Angelina Jolie. The new movie has Jolie on fire watch in the middle of the Montana wilderness. While on the lookout for burning forests, she discovers a young boy trying to escape his father’s assassins. Jolie takes it upon herself to offer him protection, but when the bad guys come looking, they not only bring guns but also set the land ablaze, starting an uncontrollable wildfire.


Where: Netflix
Release date: May 14

Ewan McGregor dons the hat of the legendary American fashion designer Halston in this upcoming limited Netflix series. The five-episode drama will follow the designer’s journey towards creating a worldwide fashion empire synonymous with luxury, sex, status, and fame, literally defining New York of the 1970s and 80s. The show will also focus on the hostile takeover that forced Halston to battle for control of his most precious asset — the name Halston itself.

The Underground Railroad

Where: Amazon Prime Video
Release date: May 14

Oscar-winner Barry Jenkins’ visually-striking Prime Video limited series also comes out this May. It seeks to tell a powerful story based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Colson Whitehead. Cora, a slave in the deep south, breaks free from her shackled existence to find the rumored underground railroad. Only, this one is an actual railroad run by engineers, with a train going through a web of secret tunnels. Meanwhile, Joel Edgerton plays a frightful bounty hunter tasked to find Cora and bring her back by any means necessary.

Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K

Where: Hulu
Release date: May 21

Marvel’s super-villain with a gigantic head is coming to Hulu this May. The stop-motion animated series will tell the story of the egotistical outlaw who struggles to juggle the responsibilities of his evil organization and his family. And in case you were wondering, MODOK stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.

Army of the Dead

Where: Netflix
Release date: May 21

Zack Snyder is bringing his army of zombies and zombie killers to Netflix on May 21. The undead in this flick are far more superior than their tribe usually is in movies like these. Dave Bautista and his posse of mercenaries are in for a rude shock as their $200 million heist beneath the Las Vegas strip turns into a battle for survival, with hordes of highly organized zombies waiting for them on ground level, complete with their very own zombie tiger!



Where: Amazon Prime Video
Release date: May 21


Credit: Amazon Prime Video

David Weil’s series Solos with Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, and more will premiere on Amazon towards the end of May. The seven-part anthology will explore the deeper meaning of human connections through individual stories.

Master of None

Where: Netflix
Release date: May 23

The Emmy Award-winning series returns to Netflix with a modern love story this May. The new season of Master of None will chronicle the ups and downs of the relationship between Denise (Lena Waithe) and her partner Alicia (Naomi Ackie) as they tackle marriage, fertility struggles, and personal growth both together and apart.


Where: Disney Plus (Premier Access)
Release date: May 28

Finally, the month will close off on a high as Emma Stone’s Cruella hits Disney Plus (with Premier Access). By selecting the Premier Access option on Disney Plus, your account will be charged an additional $29.99 for streaming the movie. Stone’s cold-hearted, self-obsessed character portrayal of the villainous Miss de Vil is something we’ve been looking forward to. She absolutely smashes it in the trailers and we can’t wait to watch the final product.

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Looking for more stuff to stream? Check out these curated lists below.

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