Poll: When was the last time you plugged your phone into a computer?

Huawei USB file transfer widget with the Mate 30 Pro

Credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

Smartphones are incredibly versatile devices, capable of browsing the web, running apps, taking photos/videos, conducting payments, and more. But there are times where you might want to plug your phone into an actual computer.

When was the last time you plugged your phone into a desktop or laptop computer though? That’s our poll topic today. So do let us know via the poll below.

There are several reasons why you’d want to plug your phone into a computer, such as file transfers, charging, and ADB/hacking/custom ROM activities. Cloud storage has reduced the need for wired transfers somewhat, while fast charging offers exponentially faster speeds than top-ups via PC. We’ve also seen wireless ADB functionality in recent times, although you might still need a cable for some tinkering tasks.

Me? I used a cable within the last month or two to transfer ISOs for emulation purposes, as it’s just too tedious a process via Google Drive. And that’s really the main reason why I still plug my phone into a computer.

What about you? You can vote in the poll above and expand on your choice via the comments section below.

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