Poll: Do you activate developer options on your phone?

android developer options menu

Credit: Andy Walker / Android Authority

You’re likely familiar with the settings lists on your Android smartphone, but there are plenty of options hidden from view. Android’s developer options menu is a good example.

Enabling it takes just seven taps of the build number line in your phone’s “About” section, but this simple process opens up several additional settings menus.

For starters, the developer options menu offers tweaks to the display’s DPI. It also houses the toggle to switch ADB on or off. If animations feel too languid on your phone, there’s also an option to adjust animation speeds and duration, too. Of course, there are other developer-specific settings. It’s also a pretty dense and convoluted set of menus for the uninitiated. For most use cases, it’s unlikely any of these options are needed at all.

Do you activate developer options on your Android phone? Let us know in the poll above.

If your answer is a little more nuanced than a simple yes/no, let us know your thoughts in a comment below. We’ll be sure to use the best comments in our results roundup.

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