Exciting rumored feature of Galaxy Watch 4 might not happen after all

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Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority
  • Early rumors suggested the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 could land with blood glucose monitoring.
  • However, a new report from South Korea suggests this rumor is untrue.
  • This news is unfortunate, as millions of people with diabetes would have appreciated such a feature.

Here in the United States, 34.2 million people have diabetes. That’s about one out of every 10 Americans, which is a staggering number. For diabetics, monitoring blood glucose levels can be an uncomfortable burden as it usually involves invasive technologies.

Early rumors suggested that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 could offer a non-intrusive solution by offering a built-in blood glucose monitor. This rumor came from ET News, a South Korean outlet. However, we now have a report from another Korean source that disputes this rumor (h/t SamMobile).

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If this ends up being the case, it will likely be disappointing for the millions of diabetics who were looking forward to trying out the Galaxy Watch 4 simply for this one feature. Granted, the news that the feature would come — and the news that it won’t — are both rumors. It’s still possible Samsung could launch the watch with a glucose monitoring system.

Interestingly, this new report also reiterates another prevalent rumor related to the Galaxy Watch line, which is that it could launch without Tizen OS. In place of Samsung’s in-house operating system would be Google’s Wear OS platform. This would make the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 the first Google-powered wearable from Samsung since around 2014.

We expect the Galaxy Watch 4 and a new Galaxy Watch Active model to launch in the coming months. Stay tuned for more rumors!

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