New Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro leaks have us skeptical but excited

google pixel logo at ces 2020

  • A semi-reliable leaker just shared some alleged renders of the Google Pixel 6 and an as-yet-unheard-of Google Pixel 6 Pro.
  • The renders show a phone that is wildly different from anything we’ve ever seen in the Pixel line.
  • If the renders turn out to be legit, Pixel fans might finally get what they’ve always wanted from a Pixel.

Google changed a lot about the Pixel line last year. It didn’t deliver a phone with flagship silicon and instead stuck to making affordable phones that performed well at the basic functions users expect.

However, there’s a chance that might not be the case this year. Jon Prosser and Front Page Tech just shared renders for what is allegedly a Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro. Theoretically, the Pixel 6 Pro could be the flagship phone Pixel fans have been wanting for years, while the Pixel 6 could continue with Google’s trend of keeping things affordable.

Before we get into this, though, it should be noted that Prosser does not have a stellar track record when it comes to leaks. In fact, he recently shaved his eyebrows after he was wrong about a leak and lost a bet related to his overconfidence of that leak. In other words, approach these renders with some heavy skepticism. That all being said, check them out below (h/t Phone Arena).

Leaked Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro renders

Google Pixel 6 Pro Leaked Renders 1
Google Pixel 6 Pro Leaked Renders 2
Google Pixel 6 Pro Leaked Renders 3
Google Pixel 6 Pro Leaked Renders with Pixel Watch 4

As you can see, these renders suggest phones with triple-tone designs. The camera bump extends across the back from edge to edge, encased in what appears to be black glass. Above and below the bump are two different color schemes overlayed onto what appears to be glass.

The vanilla Pixel 6 in these renders appears to have a dual-lens camera system. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel 6 Pro render has a triple-lens system. This would be the first time ever that a Pixel phone has had more than two lenses. Theoretically, they would be a main, an ultra-wide, and a telephoto, although the renders make no claim to that.

The fronts of the phone renders have a single centered cutout for the selfie camera. This would mean that there would be an in-display fingerprint sensor as secure face unlock would not be possible with just a solitary camera. The wallpaper included with the renders suggests this is the case. This would also be a first for the Pixel line, if true.

Finally, you’ll also notice a smartwatch in the renders. This is a render Prosser shared previously which he claims is a Pixel Watch. However, that render is based on a source’s visual memory of what they claim to have seen. Obviously, it’s totally possible a Pixel Watch is on the way and that’s what it looks like, but we are skeptical.

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