We asked, you told us: You like the apparent Google Pixel 6 renders

Google Pixel 6 Pro Leaked Renders 1

It’s all but guaranteed that Google is working on a Pixel 6 this year, but tipster Jon Prosser claimed that the company is actually working on both a Pixel 6 and a Pixel 6 Pro.

The leaker also posted supposed renders of both phones, showing a rear with a visor-like camera housing. We also get an orange strip above the housing and a white or light orange back below the bump. So what do Android Authority readers think of these renders? We posted a poll and here’s how you voted.

What do you think of the apparent Pixel 6 renders?


Over 3,600 votes were cast after the poll was posted on May 13, and it looks like Google is on to a winner here if these renders are actually accurate.

Roughly 72% of respondents said that they loved the design, with comments suggesting the look is a refreshing change from other devices on the market. Google wouldn’t be the only company thinking out-the-box, with devices like the violet Samsung Galaxy S21 and Poco M3 being a departure too.

Otherwise, almost 28% of readers say they hate the supposed design. Most of the negative comments giving a reason for their disdain point to the “ugly” camera bump.

Either way, I hope Google ticks plenty of boxes on the spec sheet this year. From more cameras and better sensors to flagship horsepower and more, we’ve got a big wishlist for these phones.


  • Robert Palmar: Judging by the aesthetics alone the look is quite handsome indeed and reminiscent of Art Deco, my favorite design style.
  • Jeremy Mckenzie: I love the new design. And, can’t wait for the Pixel watch!
  • shmchuck: I like rounded Pixel 5 way more
  • Justin Martin: Man am I glad I switched to the Galaxy when I did. That looks hideous!
  • Dattebayo: whats with the orange crap at the top of the ugly camera bump.
  • Rrrockhound: I like it! It’s about time somebody broke up the tyranny of the camera-island-up-in-the-corner look.
  • Richard N Zippler: I don’t like that camera bump, can we go back to when they were trying to get rid of it?
  • alfonzso: Throwback to Nexus 6P
  • Juan Carlos: Interesting, I like it, I change the 8t for the 6 pro

Thank you for voting in your poll and for leaving comments! What would you like to see from Pixels in 2021? Let us know below.

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