Roku jailbreak gives you more control over media apps

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  • Developers have created a jailbreak for Roku devices using OS 9.4 and a Realtek WiFi chip.
  • The root access provides more control over players and TVs, including the option to block updates.
  • It also highlights security issues for earlier Roku software.

Do you wish you could root your Roku device for more control, much like you can your Android phone? It’s now an option — with some caveats. As XDA and Engadget (disclaimer: this author also writes for Engadget) report, Llamasoft and other developers have created a RootMyRoku jailbreak that provides more control over your Roku player or smart TV.

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The Roku jailbreak requires OS 9.4.0 build 4200 or earlier and a device using a Realtek Wi-Fi chip, which includes nearly all Roku-capable TVs and some players. If you meet that criteria, though, you’ll have low-level access that includes “secret screens” and other features that will give you more control over channels (aka apps). It even blocks channel updates, system updates and any other data exchanges with Roku’s servers — important if you’re trying to use a channel that’s no longer available.

You might not want to rush to install the Roku jailbreak. You can’t easily add new channels (though third-party ones like YouTube should work), and features like My Feed and Search stop working. This certainly won’t help if you want to run OS 10.

More importantly, there are security issues. Like most root techniques, the Roku jailbreak takes advantage of two vulnerabilities in the older software. Llamasoft called on Roku to launch a “real bug bounty program” that offers incentives to report security holes instead of simply using them for hobbyist projects. As handy as this hack may be, it would ideally come alongside a patch to protect users who can’t upgrade to Roku’s latest software.

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