Samsung formally reveals specs for the Galaxy A22, keeps other info secret

Samsung Galaxy A22 Official

Credit: Samsung
  • Samsung just posted an infographic detailing the specs and design of the Samsung Galaxy A22.
  • However, the company hasn’t formally launched this phone, as we still have no release date, pricing, or availability info.
  • It’s not like Samsung to give early access to product info like this, but hey, we’re OK with it!

In May, we saw our first set of leaked renders for the budget-oriented Galaxy A22. Later, we saw some leaked specs, but they weren’t complete (and, obviously, just rumors).

Samsung must have decided it would rather us have the correct details because it just shared them with the world. Below, you’ll find an official infographic detailing pretty much everything you could want to know about the design and specs of the Samsung Galaxy A22.

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This is not a very “Samsung” move. Usually, the company drops all the info on a new product at once. Here, though, it’s given us most of the integral info on the product itself while leaving out important bits such as when and where we’ll be able to buy it and how much it would cost. Apparently, we’ll need to wait a while longer before we get that info.

Check out the infographic below for what we know so far.

Samsung Galaxy A22 specs infographic

Samsung Galaxy A22 specs infographic

Credit: Samsung

The specs sheet here paints a clear picture of a budget-oriented smartphone. It has a huge battery (5,000mAh) and a decent triple-lens rear camera, but a pretty weak selection of storage/RAM options. Its bottom bezel is enormous, but the display is pretty big, which is nice. It also supports 5G connections, but Samsung doesn’t reveal what processor is powering them. Rumors suggest it’s a MediaTek Dimensity 700, but the graphic doesn’t confirm that.

There are rumors there could be a 4G-only version of the phone landing soon with some slightly different specs. It’s possible Samsung could give us all the details on that when it gives us the missing info for the 5G model of the Galaxy A22.

Stay tuned, as the existence of this graphic all but assures we should see a formal launch of this product soon.

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