You can buy this Galaxy S21 for $2,650, but you probably shouldn’t

Samsung Galaxy S21 display on straight on 1

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority
  • Sirin Labs has revealed the Sirin V3.
  • This is a Galaxy S21 with a revised security suite and several additions for $2,650.
  • The security suite is still based on Samsung Knox though.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is arguably one of the best phones of 2021, and a big part of this is due to the $800 cheaper price tag. That makes it $200 cheaper than the Galaxy S20 was at launch.

Now, lesser-known smartphone brand Sirin Labs has launched the Sirin V3, which is literally the Galaxy S21 with security-focused additions and tweaks. The kicker though is that Sirin is charging $2,650 for the device. That’s enough for three standard Galaxy S21s or two Galaxy S21 Ultras. So what makes the Sirin-tweaked Galaxy S21 different from the official model?

Sirin notes in a press release that the rebadged Galaxy S21 offers a personal and work mode. The personal mode purportedly offers “complete user autonomy and strong baseline security.” Meanwhile, the Work Space mode delivers “military-grade encrypted call and messaging features, enhanced security on common business communication platforms, and end-to-end encrypted business apps and data.”

Sirin V3

Credit: Sirin

If it all sounds very familiar to you, that’s because Sirin Labs confirmed that the Sirin V3 security suite is based on Samsung Knox. Samsung’s own solution offers personal and work modes as well, without a steep price tag. But a Sirin representative told Android Authority that the price covers a three-year license fee for Knox, encrypted communications, and an anonymous phone number.

Sirin does offer some other software changes though. Switch to the Work Space mode and you can only use the pre-installed apps, while screenshots, voice recording, and a few other features are disabled too. The personal mode is subject to plenty of restrictions too, as it doesn’t allow users to switch to a different keyboard app, activate developer options, or enable USB debugging.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that your standard Samsung phone (or any other phone from a reputable brand) is good enough for the majority of users out there. And those who really want a little more peace of mind but don’t want to spend a ton of money can opt for a variety of custom ROMs out there and/or buy various security-focused apps and services.

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