Poll: How much do you spend on mobile gaming per month?

Google Play Pass in Hand

Mobile gaming is big business, as studios increasingly adopt a free-to-play model to rake in millions of dollars from in-app purchases. This isn’t the only business model of course, as we still see premium games making an appearance.

Nevertheless, are Android Authority readers actually dropping big bucks on mobile games? That’s what we want to find out today, as we ask you just how much you’re spending on mobile gaming each month. So let us know via the poll below.

There are plenty of reasons to spend money on mobile games. Premium games (such as the GTA series, The Room franchise, and Monument Valley) require users to buy the title in order to play it. Meanwhile, free-to-play games are just that, but often have cosmetic items available to purchase or require users to buy virtual currency for in-game perks.

Another recent trend has been the push towards all-you-can-eat gaming services like Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade. Both services charge $4.99 a month for access to a variety of games that are otherwise premium offerings. So if you’ve got a Play Pass or Apple Arcade subscription, this counts towards your monthly mobile gaming spend.

Let us know what you’re spending on mobile games each month via the poll above. Otherwise, you can check out our rundown of the best new Android games if you’re looking for something to play.

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