Poll: How often do you use split-view multitasking?

Split view multitasking

Credit: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Split-view multitasking has been an Android feature for years now, allowing users to open two apps at once and having them share the same smartphone screen. It used to be an OEM addition, but Google brought it to Android proper with 2016’s Android Nougat update.

This feature has come to the fore with foldable phones, as the increased screen real estate makes for a more comfortable experience. Nevertheless, we want to know whether you’re actually using split-view multitasking on your smartphone. Let us know via the poll below.

The biggest reason to use this feature is that it means you don’t have to constantly switch between two full-screen apps, saving time and effort. In other words, you can read an ebook while messaging friends, or take notes while browsing a webpage in your browser. Split-view multitasking is also handy if you’d like to watch videos while in another app, although pop-up windows also handle this scenario well.

Almost all the major Android brands offer split-view or split-screen view multitasking, from Samsung and Huawei to OnePlus and Google. So chances are good it’s on your Android phone if you haven’t tried it out before. Nevertheless, you can give us your answer via the poll above and leave a comment if you’ve got more on your mind.

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