Save 30% on Eero 6 router systems, and more wireless router deals

Amazon Eero 6 Wi Fi System

Credit: Amazon

Most people spend the majority of their time connected to Wi-Fi on one device or another. Yet we rarely give our router a second thought, and that’s usually a good thing. After all, thinking about a router often means that it’s not doing its job very well. If you’ve been questioning your router lately, here are a few of the best wireless router deals to help ease your mind.

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We’ve tracked down options at a variety of price points with different capacities to fit your family. If you only have a few devices on your network, you probably won’t be looking for the most high-end router out there.

Featured deals: Save 30% on Amazon Eero 6 router systems

Amazon Eero 6 Dual Band Mesh Wi Fi 6 Router Deal

Credit: Amazon

If you want to get Wi-Fi 6 with mesh capabilities then most of the options can be quite pricey, but the Eero 6 mesh system is an exception right now. Already fairly affordable, all variations of the router and associated bundles are 30% off at the moment.

If you don’t need a mesh system then you can pick up the router alone for just $90 ($39 off). To get the router with one extender for added coverage, you’ll pay $139 ($60 off), or you can pick up the system that includes two extenders for $195 ($84 off).

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The Eero 6 system can cover up to 5,000sqft and connect with over 75 devices simultaneously. Eero also offers great smart features, such as Alexa voice commands, a super simple app with plenty of control, and it even comes with an integrated Zigbee hub.

Amazon deals can end at any time, so don’t miss out. The widgets below take you to the deals. Keep scrolling for offers on routers from all the top manufacturers.

Amazon Eero 6 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router




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Eero 6 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (2-Pack)




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Eero 6 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (3-pack)




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Best wireless router deals

There’s a whole slew of other wireless router deals out there right now. We’ve split them up by manufacturer to keep things simple.




Other brands

That’s it for the latest wireless router deals for now. Once you’ve upgraded, you may be interested to check out what the best laptop deals are this month.

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