Huawei schedules October event, likely for global launch of P50 series

HUAWEI P50 Series Keynote image 2

Credit: Huawei
  • There is a new Huawei event scheduled that is very likely the global launch of the Huawei P50 series.
  • The event happens on October 21 in Vienna.
  • Huawei already launched the phones in China almost two months ago.

In the smartphone industry, Huawei is down but certainly not out. Its roster might be smaller and its reach much more limited, but it’s still active.

Case in point, the company today sent out invites for a new smartphone launch event (via Phone Arena). The invite itself doesn’t say what it’s for, but it’s pretty obvious it’s the global event for the Huawei P50 series. You can see the side profile of a smartphone in the invite.

Check it out below:

Huawei P50 Gloabl Launch Invite

Credit: Phone Arena

As far as we know, Huawei doesn’t have any new major smartphone releases up its sleeve. Usually, we’d be seeing a new Mate phone at this point in the release cycle. But as far as we know, the Mate line is dormant. Plus, the company hasn’t released the Huawei P50 series globally yet, so a Vienna launch of that series makes perfect sense.

Huawei launched the P50 almost two months ago in China. As usual, the phones have great hardware and a sure-to-be-stellar camera system. However, thanks to the Huawei ban, there are no Google Apps available and it will come with Harmony OS, not “normal” Android.

Huawei is no longer in the top five smartphone vendors globally, and it remains to be seen how long it can survive as a global player. It will always have a solid audience in China, but this P50 series launch could be the big test to see if Western buyers are ready to live without Google.

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