The Pixel 6’s translation tech includes real-time text conversations

Google's Live Translate feature on the Pixel 6.

Credit: Google
  • The Tensor chip in the Pixel 6 line enables a new Live Translate feature.
  • This happens locally on the phone, and completely offline.
  • English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese are currently supported.

One of the upgrades made possible by the custom Tensor processor in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro is a Live Translate feature, good enough that it can enable natural conversations, Google claims.

One of the highlights of Tuesday’s Pixel event was an interview with clutter consultant Marie Kondo, who used a the Pixel 6 to translate queries in English to her native Japanese, then reply in kind. In more conventional use cases, Live Translate detects whether messages in apps like WhatsApp are in a supported foreign language, then offers a translation automatically.

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