Let’s talk about the Apple MacBook Pro notch: Was it really necessary?

MacBook Pro 2021 Notch

Credit: Apple

Opinion post by
Palash Volvoikar

Rejoice! The MacBook Pro is back. After a long run of terrible updates, Apple has finally made an iteration worthy of the “Pro” tag. There is so much to like here. Two sizes, crazy powerful silicon with every configuration available across both sizes, necessary ports brought back, and the screens made even better. A dream machine for professions, except that it comes with an asterisk — or more precisely, a notch.

Now, all the innovations aside, a notch on a laptop seems like one of those things that ideally shouldn’t exist. Yet, Apple chose to bring the iconic and infamous notch from the new generation of iPhones, to the new generation of MacBooks. Was it really necessary though? Or is it just another Apple thing that doesn’t make sense?

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