Palm is back again with…some earbuds? Really?

Palm Buds Pro

Credit: Palm
  • Palm is launching its first set of TWS earbuds today with the Palm Buds Pro.
  • The stemmed ‘buds come in one color (black) but you can grab different colors of silicone cases.
  • Early birds can get the earbuds for $99 but they will cost $129 when they hit general sales on November 9.

Almost three years ago exactly, the “new” Palm released the incredibly small Palm Phone. It was meant to act as a companion phone to your main phone, although reviews and sales prevented it from making a big splash in the industry.

Now, the company is releasing only its second product in over three years of existence: Palm Buds Pro. It looks like the tech industry’s obsession with launching true wireless earbuds couldn’t escape Palm, either.

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