Can’t use Google Pay on your OnePlus 8? You’re not alone.

OnePlus 8 screen 1

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority
  • Some OnePlus 8 owners report that Google Pay and several other apps are disabled after a system update.
  • It seems like the phones are failing Google’s SafetyNet check.

OnePlus hasn’t enjoyed the most reliable software updates in the last couple of years, as users reported a variety of bugs in Oxygen OS. It looks like we can now add another bug to the list as some OnePlus 8 owners are reporting that Google Pay and several other apps are disabled on their phones after a system update.

OnePlus 8 owners on the OnePlus forum and Reddit noted that Google Pay was disabled after the Oxygen OS update. Some users also reported that their banking apps and even the McDonald’s app were affected by the update.

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