Some Pixel 6 Pro owners report display flickering issue while powered off

Google Pixel 6 Pro with the screen

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

  • A handful of early Google Pixel 6 Pro owners report minor display flickering issues when the phone is powered off.
  • The flickering issue does not appear to affect device functionality in any way.
  • It’s not clear whether or not the issue affects Pixel 6 owners.

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro officially go on sale today, and those who pre-ordered the new Google phones are just now receiving them in the mail. Already, a handful of Pixel 6 Pro owners have discovered a minor (like a really minor) issue with the device’s display.

In some instances, when the Pixel 6 Pro is powered off, a short tap of the power button reveals an odd display flickering issue. For some users on Reddit, the display shows a quick flicker — an almost static-like effect — across the top part of the display. We checked our own Pixel 6 Pro for the display issue, and we can confirm that the flickering is present, though ours happens towards the bottom of the screen.

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