Change my mind: Detachable Chromebooks are better mobile computers than any iPad

Opinion post by
Calvin Wankhede

Some of you might read the title and scoff at the idea of Chromebooks competing with any modern-day iPad. I once thought along those lines too, before I got hands-on with the Lenovo Duet — a Chromebook with a detachable keyboard/trackpad accessory included in the box.

A week or so ago, I tried out iPadOS 15 on the 2020 iPad Air for the first time. After using the Duet as my primary writing machine, I expected to be blown away. The iPad has a lot going for it hardware-wise, including a still-unbeaten SoC. And, of course, this particular iPad costs nearly three times as much as the Duet once you factor in Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

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