Android 12 devices can’t use Chromecast volume controls due to a ‘legal issue’

The Google Pixel 6 in Sorta Seafoam power and volume buttons

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

  • Android 12 devices are unable to control Chromecast session volume using their volume keys.
  • Once believed to be a bug, the Chromecast volume control issue was a deliberate change on Google’s part.
  • A Googler claims the feature was disabled due to a ‘legal issue.’

For years, Android devices have been able to control the volume of nearby Chromecast sessions by simply using the volume keys. For example, if you cast YouTube from your phone to your Nest Hub or television, you can control the Nest Hub or TV’s volume by using your phone’s volume keys. It’s a handy feature that many Android users have grown to love.

However, the feature was removed from Android after the third Android 12 beta. It was at one point believed to be a bug that Google would fix in an upcoming beta update. A Googler then jumped into the IssueTracker thread and not only confirmed the feature was no longer there, but that it was the intended behavior and would be readded to the software in Android 12 beta 5. In other words, Google removed it on purpose. But why?

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