Why you should watch the Ghostbusters: Afterlife director’s debut film

Thank You for Smoking ghostbusters afterlife director

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From the Vault: As the streaming space keeps growing, massive studio catalogs are becoming more and more available. These include lost and forgotten gems, so-bad-it’s-good duds, and just plain weird pieces of film history. And you probably won’t find them by waiting for streamers to put them in front of you. In From the Vault, Android Authority aims to rescue these titles from the algorithm graveyard and help you get more out of your streaming subscriptions.

The 2000s saw a boom in political satire in America. The Bush years were a seemingly bottomless well for a certain kind of cynical comedy about “The Way Things Are.” Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were perhaps the biggest names in the game, but 2005’s Thank You for Smoking — which you can watch on Amazon Prime Video — is a major standout of the era. And it still feels depressingly relevant today.

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