Liquid cooling and Tesla valves are coming to smartphones

Xiaomi 11T Pro angled on rock

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority
  • Xiaomi has introduced a new heat dissipation technology for smartphones it’s calling Loop LiquidCool technology.
  • Using Tesla valves and a one-way circulation technique, Xiaomi’s tech promises to “double the capabilities” of standard vapor chambers.
  • Xiaomi aims to bring the new technology to its smartphones in H2 2022.

Dissipating the heat generated from the inner workings of our smartphones is becoming increasingly important, thanks to today’s processor-intensive games and applications. Even the most efficient smartphones out there can get warm or even hot to the touch in extreme circumstances. Xiaomi thinks it has the answer, and it’s using liquid cooling and Tesla valves to make it happen.

Xiaomi’s new method for heat dissipation is called Loop LiquidCool technology, which it claims has “twice the cooling capabilities” compared to conventional vapor chamber solutions and is “the most efficient smartphone cooling solution.” Those are big claims, indeed.

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