Whoops: Google re-sent the Verizon version of Android 12 to non-Verizon Pixels

android 12 easter egg on google pixel 5

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority
  • Some Pixel owners worldwide are receiving a notification to re-install Android 12.
  • The update is the Verizon version of the operating system — even though the phones receiving it are not Verizon models.
  • We would advise users to skip this update until Google explains the situation.

In October, supported Pixel devices received the new upgrade to Android 12. At the beginning of this month, those same Pixels received an update to the November security patch. This is all normal and expected.

However, today some Pixel owners are seeing a new update that asks them to update to Android 12 — again. We’re seeing reports from multiple places, including Reddit and this Google support thread. Interestingly, the update notification appears to be mostly identical to the update they saw back in October when they jumped from Android 11 to Android 12.

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