Every earbuds maker should copy Huawei’s new customer care service

huawei freebuds pro 12

FreeBuds Pro
Credit: Bogdan Petrovan / Android Authority
  • Huawei has launched a new customer service that offers users a discount for replacing a single earbud.
  • Available in China, the service covers three models from the FreeBuds wireless earbuds range.
  • Huawei confirmed that it will launch the service to “international markets later.”

Huawei has pioneered a new customer service add-on that lowers the cost of replacing lost or damaged earbuds.

According to ITHome, Huawei’s new headset replacement service allows customers to purchase a single earbud at a lower price. Per a machine translate poster, the “Worry-Free Headphone Loss Service” offers users a “50% discount on the price of a single earphone.” The coverage is valid for two years after users first purchase their earbuds.

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