Have a speech impairment? Google needs your help developing its new beta app.

  • The Project Relate app is a new attempt by Google to make technology more inclusive.
  • The app aims to make it easier for those with speech impairments to communicate with people and digital assistants.
  • You can find the app in beta at the moment, and Google needs help refining the technology.

There are millions of people around the world who are speech impaired. Multiple diseases and syndromes can drastically impair speech such as ALS, Cerebral Palsy, or Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, people who suffer from a traumatic brain injury or stroke can also find themselves with speech impairments.

Google wants to make things easier for people in these situations. That’s why it created a new app called Project Relate. The app is designed to make it easier for the speech-impaired to communicate with other people. It will also make Google’s own Google Assistant more inclusive, as speech-impaired people can have difficulties issuing voice commands.

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