Use Samsung Dex on your Windows 7 or macOS PC? We have bad news for you.

  • Samsung will stop supporting its Samsung Dex system on Windows 7 and macOS machines.
  • Support will cease in January 2022.
  • Windows 7 users will need to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11. macOS users will need to swap systems.

There are several proprietary desktop systems for Android phones. They allow you to reconfigure the UI of your Android device so it looks and acts like a traditional desktop. If you connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and connect the whole thing to a monitor, you can replace your laptop or desktop PC.

For Samsung phones, the system is known as Samsung Dex. Although Dex works fine on its own in the configuration we just described, it also works within other operating systems, most notably Windows and macOS. There was a version for Linux in development, but that never came to be.

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