Google launched a ‘Fortnite Task Force’ after Epic skipped the Play Store

Poco F2 Pro Fortnite in game

  • Google launched a Fortnite Task Force after the game skipped the Play Store in 2018, Epic claims.
  • The task force apparently rushed to disclose a security flaw with Fortnite’s sideloading process.

Epic Games made a decision that Fortnite would skip the Play Store back in 2018, arriving on the Galaxy App Store at first. It now turns out that this move may have spurred the creation of a ‘Fortnite Task Force’ within Google.

Details of the task force emerged in a legal filing made by Epic this week (h/t: Bloomberg), citing internal Google documents. This task force was apparently formed in 2018 and is said to have met daily in a bid to address Fortnite skipping the Play Store.

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