Qualcomm’s Arm-based competitor to the Apple M1 has a launch window now

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G Mobile Platform Chip Front

  • The Windows M1 competitor Qualcomm has been promising now has a launch window.
  • The Arm-based PC chipset will hit early access in about nine months.
  • However, it won’t actually hit a consumer product until 2023.

In 2020, Apple took the tech world by storm with the debut of its first Arm-based in-house chipset known as the M1. Since then, Apple has pushed M1 chips to more of its laptops, including the most recent MacBook Pros. The low-power consumption and high-powered processing of the chips make them pretty much unrivaled on the market.

Fellow chip-maker Qualcomm isn’t about to watch Apple steamroll over the competition. The company made a strategic purchase of a company called Nuvia earlier this year, with the intention of creating a Windows M1 competitor. Now, Qualcomm is feeling confident enough to give a launch window for this as-yet-unnamed chip.

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