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Welcome to the 407th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • There is a promising PS2 emulator for Android in alpha testing right now. It’s exciting because most of the existing ones are either controversial or not ready for public consumption. AetherSX2, by comparison, is taking its time, following the rules, and has a lot going for it. Hit the link to learn more.
  • Google Messages is getting an update that may fix a long-standing problem. Currently, when an iMessage person reacts to a message, it shows up in a text. After the update, it’ll show up as a real reaction. It’s a minor thing, but an irritating one for people in group chats with iPhone users.
  • We asked our readers if they preferred streaming devices or the apps on their smart TV. As it turns out, the answer isn’t as definitive as we expected. Roughly 40% of our readers prefer streaming devices like the Chromecast while nearly 35% of our readers prefer their smart TV apps. The rest said they liked both.
  • Google Cloud had an outage this week and it affected several apps. The list includes Snapchat, Spotify, Discord, Nest, Fitbit, and many other websites. The outage lasted a couple of hours before it was fully fixed. The outage was only partial, though, because a lot of people didn’t experience any noticeable problems.
  • Google launched a Fortnite Task Force after Epic Games decided to self-publish instead of using the Play Store. The task force was responsible for pointing out security flaws and disclosing it to the media without giving Epic Games a ton of time to fix the issue. It’s yet another wrinkle in the long fight the two companies are having.

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