Oppo to launch Reno 7 with ‘cat-eye lens’ camera this week

oppo reno 7 teaser 1

Credit: Oppo / Weibo
  • Oppo will debut new camera technology when it launches the Reno 7 series later this week.
  • The “cat-eye lens” tech is co-developed by Sony, and uses an RGBW sensor.
  • The Reno 7 will debut on November 25.

Oppo is gearing up for the Reno 7 series launch later this week, with the new line introducing several design changes over its predecessor. However, the most significant addition might be lurking beneath the camera lenses.

The company will introduce the “world’s first super-sensitive cat-eye lens” with the Reno 7 series. Per a series of Weibo posts, Oppo co-developed the technology with Sony over three years. The camera also utilizes the Sony IMX709 sensor with an RGBW array. Oppo believes this combo improves light sensitivity and noise reduction.

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