You can finally make dog emoji combos in Gboard 🐶

Gboard Emoji Kitchen showing the dog mash-up with a turtle

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

  • The Gboard Emoji Kitchen now finally supports dog emoji. Other animals and objects are now supported as well.
  • For almost two years, the Kitchen worked with cats but not dogs.
  • The update for this is rolling out now to the beta version of Gboard.

It’s been 21 months since the launch of Emoji Kitchen, Gboard’s mash-up feature that lets you combine two different or similar emoji to make a goofy and unique sticker. During those months, cats ran around freely like they owned the place because they were supported by the “kitchen,” but dogs weren’t. The tragedy. The travesty.

With every update and new batch of supported emoji, dog lovers like me have dug into the keyboard trying to see if their beloved pupsters were given justice, to no avail. Today, all is right with the world again as doggos are finally combinable with other emoji.

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